About Us

I’m Murali and I believe in financial inclusion for all. I am the founder of Investor Secrets and Tricks; a site who’s primary aim is to connect clients and financial advisors from all over the world. Investor Secrets and Tricks is a conglomerated pool of financial information from all corners of the world which acts as an integral blueprint for success in financial planning and investment advice. The site is primarily concerned with availing investment advice about different types of financial products from a wide selection of financial advisors located all over the world.

Investor Secrets and Tricks is a community for financial advisors and clients that enables them to share financial information, learn new market trends and grow their investments together. Getting investment advice is quite expensive nowadays; furthermore, most financial advisors will only advice you about the products they have rather than an overall pool of others that you can invest in. Our site allows clients and financial advisors alike to get information from our information bank which then informs their decisions on which investments to choose. Investment has always been about getting higher returns at reduced risks and in order for that to happen, information has to play a huge role in the client’s decisions. Financial advisors also have the opportunity of finding potential clients from a community of interested investors who are willing to listen to their advice, meet and exchange information.

News and discussions

The type of investment news that we usually get on media and from investment marketers is sometimes too simplistic to believe; hence the reason why we integrated a news and discussions portal to enable proper communication of new and trending information in the financial world. Our site has a platform where both financial advisors and clients can post articles related to investments and have discussions of the same. Sometimes the best financial advice that one can get is from your own peers; and one which is diversified and not merely concentrated on one single product. Our financial blog will enable both clients and advisors to write, post, critique and gain more market information from each other.

Gain experience, interact and socialize

Everyone will have to face the challenge of investing during some point in their lives. You don’t have to start investing when you are older, you can as well start now. With our site, you can be able to make sound investments, query your financial advisor’s decisions and gain more experience from interacting with other like-minded individuals from all over the world. Sometimes it is not all about the best financial advice that you can get but also the opportunity costs that come with you pursuing a particular investment. We allow you to concentrate on gaining more investment advice that maximizes your profits rather than one that is construed to a particular vendor’s products.

Start off the journey with us today and give your future financial freedom a head start. Make your money work for you!